Rafael Cennamo F/W 2012 Presentation

Rafael Cennamo Fall 2012 Presentation

Personally, it's very hard for me to NOT fall in love with evening/more formal wear. It's not exactly the most wearable in terms of comfort and lifestyle, but when that special moment for whatever reason comes, it is always an amazing feeling to have a go-to dress that makes you feel like a goddess--And it's always good to have choices right? With that, I immediately became transfixed with Rafael Cennamo's collection as it touched upon every type of formal wear, which ultimately is able suit a number of woman. The variety was what really made the collection strong.

I also really enjoyed the numerous materials used as they created unique silhouettes, which can ultimately change the mood of an entire outfit. I especially love the use of the fur, as seen on the last photo in this set. It really eludes to a sense of glamour. However my personal favorite is the indigo/purplish dress shown on the platinum-haired model. I think it was so striking against her pale skin and the color just seems so rich and flattering--But don't get me wrong, so does the rest of Cennamo's collection... That obviously goes without saying.