May Instagram Photo Diary/Nasty Gal Contributor!

1./Shadow play on the street/2. Yours truly sporting the ADDISON Circle Lace dress, a Jessica Simpson Collection jean jacket and my coveted Rebecca Minkoff studded satchel at the Astoria Boulevard station/3. The block I used to live in Astoria/4 New dorm decor/5. Healthy lunch/6. My friend at the High Line/7. The Barbie exhibit at my school/8. Yours truly at Astoria Park/9. A group of truly inspiring women... Click HERE to understand why

May was a month of movement, seemingly just like every other month. This little blib-blob of Instagram snapshots is pretty much an accurate portrayal of the positive changes I began making for myself. This month was about regaining balance that I had lost this year. It about being with family, visiting friends, eating healthier and simply being with all kinds of people. May was a tough month no doubt, but it was also really refreshing. I also always manage poop out at the end of every school-year too, and pile on a bunch of outside responsibilities - phew! Overall though, I'm going to try and keep this pattern going - it'll be nice just to take it easy some days this summer. I'm doing some traveling in late July and August too which I'm looking forward to a lot!

In other news, the really amazing Instagram photos I wanted to share are on the Nasty Gal blog because *drumroll* I'm one of their newest contributors! I'm absolutely thrilled to be a participant - not only do they host an amazing array of merchandise but the team has been lovely so to work with. So CLICK HERE to see my post and my Instaview of good ole' New York City - Happy last day of May!




  1. i've just discovered your follower:)

  2. love instas


  3. Great photos. It's always fun to look back on life through random snapshots because they piece things together in the most natural way. Each little photo conjures up every little memory. And congrats on your contribution to Nasty Gal! Such a great company.

    xox Courtney

  4. I love these snaps! Congrats on being one of Nasty's Gal's newest contributors! xx

  5. cool pics. u have great style!

  6. Hey don't know why there is not the comment form in your last post. I think it's a great iniciative, it's nice to see that people care about the other side of fashion using it for a good cause and leaving beside the vanal of it.

    You look great and also your mom btw!!